Build to Lock Up

Building a new home can be an interesting and exciting experience.

Some people choose to hire a new-home builder while others, in order to save costs and ensure the final product is exactly what they want, choose to build themselves by acting as their own contractor. However, taking on the challenge of new home construction can be daunting and expensive, especially with time constraints and limited availability of sub-contractors.

Asset Builder’s now offers “building to lock-up” for your new home. As a licensed professional builder, we are able to construct the structural components of the home in a time efficient and cost effective manner.

How it Works

Meet and Greet

Step 1: Meet & Greet

Asset Builders will meet with you, the client, to discuss your needs and explain all the details of our Build to Lock Up services.


Step 2: Decision Time

After careful consideration, you will decide which community you wish to build in. We will help you pick a home plan, and discuss the options of what Build to Lock Up stage you would like.  Start with the Exterior of the house and drywall complete and decide what stage you would like to take over (Painting, Cabinets, Flooring, Finishing)


Step 3: Paperwork

Asset Builders will assist you with your financial paperwork, and set a possession date for your home.


Step 4: Construction

Now is time for the hard work! We will purchase the lot, do the excavation, have the basement poured, and do all the framing and install exterior doors and windows, bringing your home to the stage of being able to be “locked-up”.

These are the jobs that are often the hardest to get done in a tight construction market. The frame of your home gives the building its structural integrity, and requires a high level of precision and joinery skills. All framing is done to Asset Builder’s specifications and standards.


Step 5: Possession

Welcome to your new home! At this point you can take over and complete the final stages of construction at your own pace.

Are you Interested in a Build to Lock Up Home?

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