We had a lot of ice build up on our windows and patio doors. Our laminate flooring was starting to swell it was creaking and make cracking noise as if we were walking on Rice Krispies. Also I could not get register vents out of the floor it had moved so much and swelled. Even our carpets stretched.
We could not understand why as we have a HRV system (Heat Recovery Ventilation) this system was to basically eliminate humidity. But it wasn't working fully. The reason it was not working to its full capacity was we did not have our furnace fan to "on", we had it on "auto".
This is something every home owner should do. Turn your furnace fan to "ON" not "AUTO". It creates huge air movement in the home. As well make sure you run your fans in your bathrooms while showering and even if you go out for a few hours leave it running. It will help create air movement and even pull some moisture out. If your exhaust fan is vented outside for your stove, you can turn that on high for a few hours will make a huge difference, if you have ice build up on windows.
I spoke to Aries Airflo they came here to make sure our furnace and HRV were running properly as well as David from Asset was here. Our equipment was all running perfectly but they both said, "turn your furnace fan to on and leave it there 365 days a year. It does not increase your bills, in fact it will save your furnace motor as well and increase the efficiency for heating and cooling".
Houses are all built so much tighter than back 30 years plus ago so therefore there is more moisture in the home.
It is common to have a small bit of moisture on the windows when temperatures have been warm to minus 30 overnight, but if you have a lot of ice build up on your windows do the things I have mentioned it will make a huge difference in your home. Also Aries Airflo said to buy furnace filters with the larger gaps between the folds as it will help with air moving.

Since turning on our furnace fan and leaving it, the humidity in our home has dropped significantly. Our floor does not make noise anymore and I can get the furnace vents out with ease. As well we have not had any build up on our windows or doors. Please replace your furnace filters every 3 months as well.
Honestly these are all things we were doing except having our furnace turned to "ON". It will save your home from damage and less maintenance on your home in the future.